Movement, Power and Place in Central Asia and Beyond

MovementMovement, Power and Place in Central Asia and Beyond: Contested Trajectories

Special Double Issue of Central Asian Survey (Vol. 30, issues 3-4, 2011), subsequently published as a volume in Routledge’s Third Worlds series (2012).

Drawing together established scholars and a new generation of historians, geographers and anthropologists, this volume brings empirical specificity and theoretical depth to debates about the politics of place-making in this diverse region, making an important contribution to Central Asian studies and a distinctive regional comparison to the ‘spatial turn’ in social analysis.

Case studies draw on archival research and oral history to explore the workings—and unintended consequences—of policies aimed at sedentarizing, collectivizing and resettling populations as a means to fix and territorialize space. The volume also examines ethnographic studies attuned to the role of movement in sustaining social life, from Soviet-era trade networks that linked rural Central Asia and the Russian metropolis, to pilgrimage routes through which ‘kazakhness’ is articulated, to the contemporary moralization of migration abroad in search of work.

Movement, Power and Place in Central Asia and Beyond: Contested Trajectories
Contributors include: Robert Argenbright, Judith Beyer, Stephanie Bunn, Ian Campbell, Eva-Marie Dubuisson, Jeanne Feaux de la Croix, Anna Genina, Andrew Gentes, Eliza Isabaeva, Botakoz Kassymbekova, Emily Manetta, Paolo Novak, Madeleine Reeves, Jeff Sahadeo, and Chris Shore.

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