Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia

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Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia: Performing Politics

(co-edited with Johan Rasanayagam and Judith Beyer). Indiana University Press, 2014.

This volume brings ethnographic research in Central Asia into long-overdue conversation with recent political anthropological debate on the state. By attending ethnographically to the various ways in which the state in Central Asia is practically enacted, morally navigated, remembered, invoked and contested in daily life, the contributors question the categorical distinctions that inform much regional scholarship: between state and society, between “strong” and “weak” states, between states that are “failed” and those that are functioning.
The volume emerges from a round table conducted in Buxton, England in 2009 with the generous support of the Wenner Gren Foundation.
It includes conributions from Ildikó Bellér-Hann, Judith Beyer, Alima Bissenova, Eva-Marie Dubuisson, John Heathershaw, Aksana Ismailbekova, Sarah Kendzior, Mateusz Laszczkowski, Morgan Liu, Kathleen Purvis-Roberts, Johan Rasanayagam, Madeleine Reeves, Tommaso Trevisani and Cynthia Werner.

Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia: Performing Politics
You can read reviews of Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia in Central Asian Survey (Nathalie Koch) and (behind a paywall) in Russian Review (Laura Adams).

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